Waterproof Industrial Flooring Perth

Supply & Installation

Our position in Australia & New Zealand being a market leader in the supply & installation of Methyl Methacrylate & Polyurethane modified acrylic resins for industrial & commercial applications. These resins may also be used for the installation of sub surface waterproofing.

With our experience & extensive range of material comes the capability to be able to specifically design a system to suit what ever protection method that may be required or if damage has already occurred the provide the right material specification to quickly & adequately solve the repair.

All of the MMA systems have high chemical resistance with rapid setting times, these materials impregnate the surface & are totally seamless, which for the client saves on costly down time.

Waterproof Industrial Flooring Perth WA
Waterproof Industrial Flooring Perth WA



Areas of repair can be put back into production after two hours of application

Suitable for;

  • Warehouse Flooring
  • Power Plants
  • Car Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Sea Food Industry
  • Meat Processing
  • Heavy Vehicle Flooring
  • Workshops
  • Stadiums
  • Hotels
  • Food Industries
  • Snap Freeze Chillers
  • Dairy Industry
  • Wine Industry

Recommendations for systems from low to heavy stress on industrial floors, all systems can be made to suit.

If you need specialist advice on any aspect of waterproof industrial flooring or would like to find out more about Methyl MethAcrylate (MMA) resin technology, please call or email us without obligation & we will be happy to share our knowledge.

We are located in Greenwood, Western Australia, but provide our services throughout Australia (Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra & more) & New Zealand.

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